Fine Water Spray Suppression: GPU

KEVTA Fire Systems, Inc. offers design, assembly and packaging of Pre-Engineered HI-FOG GPU systems for total compartment protection of gas turbines, machinery spaces and special hazard machinery spaces for larger volume applications. KEVTA’s unique blend of engineering, metal fabrication and assembly makes us a premier supplier of these systems due to the high level of integration required. KEVTA will design your system to the contract specific requirements necessary to satisfy worldwide fire codes applicable to the installation. This would include worldwide fire protection system approvals, pressure vessel requirements (DOT or TPED) and national electrical requirements such as NEC/CSA, MEA, IEC, and ATEX.

Product Advantages

  • Harmless to people.
  • Immediate activation (CO2 systems require time delay).
  • Harmless to the environment – not subjected to banning.
  • Enclosure’s integrity not critical – does not require enclosure integrity test.
  • Global compliance offerings, including UL, ATEX, IEC, NEC/CSA, FM, MEA, USCG, VdS, VNIIPO.
  • Approved by FM & IMO for total flood of machine spaces up to 1500 cubic meters.
  • Approved by VdS for total flood of machine spaces up to 500 cubic meters.