Flame Detection

Optical flame detectors will provide the fastest detection of a turbine, rotating equipment or reciprocating engine fire in the early ignition stage. In addition, the field of view, sensitivity, and signal processing algorithms provided by optical flame detectors makes them the best choice for monitoring areas where interposing equipment and nuisance radiation sources may be present in potential high risk ignition areas. These and other challenging environmental conditions exist within energy machine space applications, including high heat conditions which can preclude thermal and smoke detectors.

The variety of flammable hydrocarbon materials present within machine spaces and specifically gas turbine areas areas means a wide range of fire scenarios, fire propagation rates, and radiant spectral energy signatures are likely. A flame detector that is capable of detecting these fires is recommended and a handful of OEMs offer multi-spectrum infrared flame detectors that are Factory Mutual (FM) certified performance test capabilities for a variety of flammable hydrocarbon fuels. KEVTA Fire Systems has access to a full line of flame detectors that maximize safety, minimize false alarms and achieve the best total value for our customers.