CO2 Fire Suppression

KEVTA Fire Suppression Inc. is a premier integrator of custom Kidde Fire Systems’ high-pressure CO2 systems for use in protection of machine spaces in the energy industry.  KEVTA’s fire suppression assemblies are designed in accordance with current NFPA-12 standards for Total Flooding applications and are available with optional insulation and heating or cooling if required by extreme ambient conditions at the project site. This makes our fire suppression assemblies ideal for turbine driven pump, compressor or generator enclosures located in remote and harsh environments both onshore and offshore.

Product Advantages

  • Clean – Leaves no residue.
  • Non corrosive – Does not damage equipment.
  • Low cost and high availability.
  • Global compliance offerings, including UL, ATEX, IEC, NEC/CSA, FM, MEA, USCG.
  • Extensive system configuration options provide solutions for the most demanding ambient conditions.