Clean Agent Fire Suppression

In applications where space is at a premium and you need quick deployment in personnel occupied spaces, then Clean Agent Fire Suppression may be the best solution on the market today. NOVEC-1230, FE-13 and FM-200 were developed as clean agent replacements for Halon 1301 for areas that are normally occupied. The active compounds in these clean agents are known as hydroflurocarbons. They do not leave a residue, are electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive and environmentally preferred to Halon since they produce zero ozone depletion.  In total flooding applications they are very effective due to their low vapor pressure at penetrating shielded or confined areas – hence their effectiveness in controlling obstructed, slow burning electrical fires.

KEVTA Fire Systems, Inc. offers engineered Kidde NOVEC-1230, FM-200 and FE-13 systems within a range of configurations incorporating metal enclosures or racks. NOVEC-1230, FM-200 and FE-13 utilize nitrogen mixed with the inert, chemical agent to disperse it to the fire source from pressurized canisters. All three agents have system agency approvals from United Laboratories and Factory Mutual.